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Bruegel – Katathymie – Cassette

  • Tracks

    • Intro
    • Fatum
    • Untitled
    • Queen Bee
    • Seashell
    • Katathymie

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16bit - €4.00

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“I was always a devoted listener, and I never thought that someday I would write my own music, in spite of the fact that I was crazy about some melodies that were born in my head. But I tried to make one and I really enjoyed it. I took the name Bruegel, because I like works of Peter Bruegel the Elder. I like the atmosphere and the subjects of his paintings. Also I like how Bruegel is pronounced in German. What about the process of making music? I record some interesting sounds and my piano pieces, make loops and samples from folk music, and mix it with simple audio editors.” - Lera Sapega

Brief, brooding, understated, and delicately framed, these debut pieces by the gifted 18 year-old Kiev producer, Valeria Sapega, make a compact manifesto for post lo-fi sound art. Bruegel seems to distill cinematic still-images from the cuttingrooms of her contemporaries. But these small pieces have an economy of means that matches classicism with pathos, and recalls turn-of-the-millennium masterpieces from the experimental ambient scene.

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