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Julia Holter – Maria – 7-inch + 24bit Download

  • Tracks

    • Shoes
    • Foul Play
    • Pleasure Spot 1 - Sweet Jane Rock n Roll
    • Innagecko
    • I Disguise You
    • Cemetary Suite
    • Starry Eyes
    • Those Were the Days Now I'm 21
    • Disco MIA AKA Bust a Move
    • Nothing At All - Different Names
    • Memorial
    • Brother Sister
    • Funeral
    • Leggos
    • Double Jeopardy
    • Red Vinyl
    • Feel It with Your Landlord
    • White Rain in the Windy Summer
    • White Rain Reprise
    • On the Beach
    • The Andalusian
    • Half Girls Half Boys
    • Cry Yourself to Sleep (12 minute Overture)
    • Rita Mae Brown
    • 50 Cents
    • Cuz You're Dead (Lester Bangs)
    • Dawn
    • Pleasure Spot 3 - See You Are
    • Rainy Den
    • Red Room
    • Pleasure Spot 2 - Lucinda Cunt
    • Equus
    • You Die Slowly and Then You Die
    • Kamikaze
    • I Won't See You Again
    • Life Song

7" + 9-track Download EP - Sold Out!

16bit - €6.00

The song "Maria" is part of Julia Holter's "Phonetic Translations" series, in which she interprets global kitsch music by translating foreign word-sounds into surreal poetry in her native tongue, English.

Holter sourced Maria from a Soviet television program she discovered on YouTube. The original performer, Lyudmila Gurchenko, was a popular Soviet and Russian actress, singer and entertainer. Gurchenko, indeed, had a daughter named Maria, though it is not certain if she wrote the song for her daughter.

HEM's new 7" features side-by-side lyrics in the original Russian, and in Holter's phonetically-translated English, both printed on the vinyl's innersleeve.

Side B holds a Roxy Music tune covered back in 2009 on KDVS radio. One of Holter's first live performances, this set was commissioned by the KDVS radio program "Phoning it In". Hosted by Nadav Carmel, the program hosts artists who literally "phone it in" to the radio station's telephone switchboard. HEM's hefty restoration duties were to reveal the tones of Holter's Fender Rhodes and vocals, using source material that originated solely from her cell phone.

Orders of the 7" Vinyl include a download code to redeem for the entire KDVS Radio set in 24bit and Mp3 formats.

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